Asma Hamza

Dear remains,
They fed me blood instead of water.
They strutted!
They were never appreciative of the legion blessings and abhorred preserving any. However, their lackadaisical consumption drained me entirely.
I was never loved. I never stood a chance, did I?
 So it only made sense to grant what they practically begged for.
An oxygen-depleted Earth, sterile soil, and a  Macrocosm with meagre water.
Now they plan to trudge over my fellow planets but I’ve something up my sleeves. A tremor so cataclysmic none of them would survive.
O human, the thankless; Enough with the blame game!
You only got what you deserved.
Your age-old home,

4 Responses

  1. Loved the title and the way you defined the selfish humans who have made this earth so dirty for their own sake!
    More power to you
    May you have many more achievements Aameen Sum Aameen

  2. Very well written! Im really impressed with your writing style
    You r my proud.

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