July 1, 2022

Help us to support a family with two disabled children

Please donate with your Sadaqat, Zakat, Fitrana, and other donations to support the families of disabled persons

Seventy-year-old Ghulam Nabi lives in sheltered accommodation in Raro Ambore village of Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir. Ghulam Nabi is a native of Kail which is one of the most disadvantaged villages of district Neelum. He has two disabled children. The 23-year-old son suffered from polio at the age of 3. Polio affected his spinal cord causing muscle weakness and paralysis. Polio is more common in infants and young children and occurs under conditions of poor hygiene. Even in the initial acute polio episodes, patients can lose up to 60 or 70 percent of their motor nerve cells. Weakness in his back and leg muscles makes it easier for him to lose his balance and fall. Poverty-related problems such as malnutrition and food scarcity aggravated his conditions.

Ghulam Nabi’s daughter Shahnaz ( Now 25-year-old) was born with multiple disabilities. She can walk small distances but due to the deformity and muscle weakness she can suddenly fall and can hurt herself.

The family has got no permanent source of income and are happy to take donations in Zakat, Fitra, Sadaqa or general purpose donations.

For more information about this family and general inquiries on how we deliver support to disadvantaged families, please contact us at info@pressfopeace.org.uk. Press for Peace Foundation is registered in the UK. Our registration number is 13255437.