Explore Gagai Nala Neelum Valley/ Khurram Jamal Shahid

Writer: Khurram Jamal Shahid Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir is rich in natural beauty. Almighty Allah has given high mountains, streams, waterfalls, charming lakes, glaciers, pastures, forests and wildlife here. There are many places to visit in Neelum Valley. Today I am going to give you information about an area where very few tourists have visited. […]

Effective Local Government system / Khurram Jamal Shahid

Khurram Jamal Shahid The basic definition of democracy is “the government of the people, for the people and by the people”. In the current situation, it is possible only through empowerment of common mantoinclude them in the government. Unfortunately, 75 years have been passed since the independence, but so far democracy has been limited to […]


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