July 5, 2022

Speakers demands to award Noble Prize to Najma Shakoor

Islamabad (PFPF News  )

The speakers have demanded to award Noble Prize to Syeda Najma Shakoor known as ‘Mother Teresa of Kashmir’ owing to her unprecedented social services for humanity and deprived segment of society.

While addressing the condolence reference on the eve of first death anniversary of Syeda Najma Shakoor, the prominent icon of social services in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), the speakers paid rich tribute to her services.

The condolence reference was moderated by Aftab Iqbal, Executive Director of Center for Development Communication.

The speakers including Aniqa Shakoor,  Chairperson Women Welfare Organization (WWO), Irshad Mehmood, Information Secretary PTI, Dr. Nasima Jogazai, social figure, Saeed Abbasi C.E.O Trust for Voluntary Organization, Zafar Iqbal Director Press For Peace Foundation (PFPF), Riffat Shamas founder Chairperson Human Resource Learning Center, Mian Naeem, social worker, Dr. Nasima Jogazai, Masood Gardezi, , Ali Johar, social worker, Ali Chaudhry, Development Consultant, Sofia Mughal, social worker and Syed Salim Ali.

Paying rich tribute to Syeda Najma Shakoor, Dr. Nasima Jogazai has demanded to include the model of rural development and social work designed by Syeda Najma Shakoor in the educational syllabus of AJK University.

Zafar Iqbal Director Press For Peace Foundation (PFPF) has demanded to award Syeda Najma Shakoor the highest civil award of Pakistan owing to her unprecedented social services. ‘Women should be supported in the development and progress of the society’, he added.

Aniqa Shakoor Chairperson Women Welfare Organization (WWO),shared the audience that more than three hundred small projects have been launched to economically empower the women which are financed by the Najma Shakoor Charity Fund.

Aftab Iqbal while paying tribute to her valuable services said that Syeda Najma Shakoor was a role model for women and she had done great work in every field of public service. Ershad Mehmood, Information Secretary PTI said that dream of true development cannot be translated into reality without recognizing the role of women and urged the need to support the women segment of society in every field of life.

Masood Gardazi said that Najma Shakoor had devoted her life for the services of humanity and for the deprived and needy people of society.

A resolution was unanimously passed by the participants that efforts would be made to include the name of Syeda Najma Shakoor for Noble Prize due to her priceless services for humanity which were recognized by the international institutions such as development and humanitarian bodies. Syeda Najma Shakoor has brought a social and economic revolution in the lives of women.

‘Syeda Najma Shakoor was the symbol of human services and her role will remain tower of light for coming generations’, they added.

Address the participants Dr. Hasnain Ali Johar said that Najma Shakoor had strived hard in her life to uplift the living standard of women and did significant work in the fields of health, education and communication. Syed Salim Ali and Ali Chaudhry said that Najma Shakoor had raised the voice for the people of this region on every platform. Sofia Mughal said that efforts be made that fruits of development projects could reach to the real deserving people of society.

At the end of the condolence reference prayer was offered for the late Syeda Najma Shakoor and expressed the resolve to continue her mission which is the true service of humanity.

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