July 6, 2022

Million Smiles Foundation changing people’s lives in Azad Kashmir

Bagh AJK (PFPF News)/Photo Credit: Million Smiles Foundation

Poverty and lack of economic opportunities are common in remote villages of Azad Kashmir.

Majority of people in the mountainous region struggle to make ends meet due to the lack of basic infrastructure and financial resources.

Every year, aid of millions of rupees is distributed in food packs amongst the poor and needy of these area. Still, there is a growing concern that more and more people are facing hardship challenges.

There are hundreds of local and international organisations that support local people in catering their needs of food, education, healthcare, and other necessities of life.

One such organisation is Million Smiles Foundation. Though, recently setup, the charitable organisation has quickly raised a dedicated team of volunteers to support its activities.

The foundation is helping local people in many districts of Azad Kashmir. It is helping many local schools to provide education for the children who cannot afford to pay the cost of uniform and stationery and providing skills training to local youth.

The organisation has been actively collaborating with local NGOs, support groups and volunteer teams to extend help and support to rural communities.

Recently, the foundation opened schools in remote villages of Neelum Valley and Bagh districts.

A First Aid Training was arranged in Muzaffarabad by Million Smiles Foundation and Pakistan Red Crescent to help People learn to be more conscious of safety in the work place, leading to

The Million Smiles Foundation was founded in early 2019 by a young patriotic Pakistan woman Ms. Umme Muhammad. She moved back from New York with a vision to foster the 130 Million Youth of Pakistan by equipping them with a basic level of skills. She wants to maximize their success in life & encourage to develop their fullest potential in spirit, mind, and body.

Zeshan Afzal is the Co-Founder of Million Smiles Foundation, He also left his corporate job in Manhattan, New York while working at the wall street.

He is also a dreamer of making a tangible difference for the 130 Million Youth of Pakistan with special focus on their development.

His dream is to inculcate a core set of values revolving around personal development, experimental learning, travel, patriotism, and religious harmony.

Source: The article was first published by the Insight on Kashmir here