August 18, 2022

Mehmooda Naheed, Educationist, Social Worker, Rawalpindi/Islamabad

Mehmooda Naheed
Birth : 1944 ( Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir)
Founding Principal : Green Hills Public School, Dhirkot, Azad Kashmir
Duration: 1983 to 2004
 *Services * : She established  first private school in a remote area of Azad Kashmir. She patronised a talented team of young educators and trainers who provided modern education in  rural communities of Dhirkot, Chamyati and Munhasa.

Mehmooda Naheed

Mehmooda Naheed : Founding Principal Green, Hills Public School, Dhirkot, Azad Kashmir ( file photo)

Due to her sincere efforts she raised self-motivation in not only her students but other people as well. She faced difficulties while her stay in that area. She accepted all the challenges courageously and fought against the prejudices and remained steadfast in her ambition. She introduced model of no profit no loss in a backward area where lack of modern concepts in public sector education system forced public to find better options in private sector
In her visionary leadership three batches of Secondary school Certificates ( SSC) were passed out with flying colours. Currently many of her students are serving in various vital fields  in Pakistan and abroad. She has always supported and encouraged education of women in that area at that time when most of the people were apprehensive about giving education to their females.
(This profile is compiled by Sobia Abbasi , volunteer Press For Peace Foundation)