August 18, 2022

Mariam Touseef Mother and Child Care Centre Offers Services in Remote Areas of Kashmir

Muzaffarabad (PFP News)

A modern health centre has been established in a remote village of  Jehlum Valley , to provide health services to local women and children.

Union Council Lamnian is one of the backward areas of District Muzaffarabad with poor health and communication infrastructure.  

Mariam Touseef Health Centre has been established in loving memory of Ms Mariam Touseef – 32 years British Citizen who passed away last year due to Covid19.

Her family has sponsored the project in living memory of Ms Touseef , who spent active social life in the UK.

The far flung and deprived Union council Lamnian of District Muzaffarabad has been provided with the establishment  of Mother and Child Care centre through the family of departed soul Ms..

The health centre will be equipped with services of trained lady health worker offering services 24/7.

 ‘The centre will offer health services to women and children  which will help to minimize the  ratio of women deaths during the delivery cases, says , Mr, Arshad CEO of Sustainable Development Organzation (SDO), which completed the project.

 He further said that the centre will not only provide delivery services to women but also take  care of new born babies.

Mr.  Arshad while talking to media said that annually thousands of women die while giving birth to children due to unavailability of health facilities. However, with the establishment of Mariam Touseef  Mother and Child Care Centre the women of District Jehlum valley, especially  the women Union  Council Lamnian will be facilities with the services of trained   midwives  during child birth.

It is pertinent to mention that that majority of AJK population lives in remote and mountainous areas having no or little access to essential health services.

He urged philanthropists and Kashmiri Diaspora to   help in the construction of more basic health units to save lives of women and children in remote areas of Kashmir.