Himalayan region is in danger, experts warn

London /Neelum Valley ( PFPF Report)  Addressing the participant of a virtual dialogue on the environmental issues of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, experts said on Sunday that the local environment and the ecosystem of the entire Himalayan region are in danger. They said that if forests, rare species of animals, precious birds that act as […]

Rivers diversion for power generation

London/Muzaffarabad(PFPF News): In a virtual panel discussion hosted by the Press for Peace Foundation UK, environmentalists and civil society representatives have called on the government to address the deteriorating environmental situation in the region of Azad Kashmir. A statement issued at the end of the virtual panel discussion on Sunday 19 June 2022 said that […]

Panel Discussion on environmental issues in Rawalakot

Rawalakot/London: (Press for Peace Foundation) The participants of a virtual panel discussion warned here on Sunday, 12 June 2021, that local communities could face dangerous situations and environmental danger if coordinated public partnership efforts were not made to protect local natural resources in Rawalakot, Azad Jammu and Kashmir.  Addressing the panel discussion, social activists, intellectuals […]

World environment Day 2022

· · موجودہ دور میں ماحولیات کے بڑے مسائل اور ان کی وجوہات کیاہیں؟ · فاسل ایندھن کیا ہے ؟ اور یہ کیسے بنتا ہے ؟ · گلیشئرز کی صورت حال کیسی ہے ؟ · اور ایک دلچسپ موضوع یہ کہ · دولت مند افراد ماحول کو کیسے آلودہ کر رہے ہیں؟

Reporting Climate Change in Digital Age

The climate change is one of the greatest threats of our time facing humanity, say environmentalists Athmuqam (PFPF News): The climate change is one of the greatest threats facing humanity in our times, environmentalists and campaigners said this here in Athmuqam-73km away from Muzaffarabad-Pakistan-administered-Kashmir on Monday. They were speaking to the participants of a workshop […]


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