We can assist you in publishing and spreading the word if you have written a book in English, Urdu, or any of the local languages spoken in your community.

Whether you are a romance or horror writer, a science fiction novelist, a thriller writer, or an author of children’s books, the Press for Peace Foundation can help you publish your work.
We also publish reports, research papers, technical manuals, cookbooks, and other materials.

Our Background

Press for Peace was established in 1999 as a non-governmental organization. It initially focused on local issues in Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu and Kashmir. In the beginning, the priorities were set to focus on the difficulties faced by working journalists, prisoners, minorities, highly vulnerable children, and women. We have also been actively engaged with local communities helping them to pursuing educational, environmental, and social needs.


Press for Peace -registered as Press for Peace Foundation in the UK, has a policy of making alliances and partnerships with like-minded people and organisations around the globe as this approach has worked successfully in the past. A single aid organisation, charity, or non-governmental organisation (NGO) cannot address the enormity and diversity of community issues. We always welcome local small groups, NGOs, CSOs, government agencies, and international organisations to work with us to achieve our common goals.

Our Values

Volunteer With Us

The Press for Peace Foundation is a community-based organisation that values volunteerism. Volunteers are the organization’s backbone, and they have permanent social, emotional, and humane grounds in the communities in which they serve. You can volunteer with Press for Peace Foundation if you are a student, teacher, lawyer, doctor, journalist, IT specialist, community worker, academician, activist, business person, or artist.


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