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Policy Advocacy


Capacity building

Press for Peace policy advocacy goals are directed towards attainment and promotion of rational attitudes towards peace & security, human rights, sustainable development and environmental health.

Our efforts are geared to strengthen the relationship between all individuals and groups in their response to above stated advocacy goals.

We also concentrate on building interactive channels of communication across all groups, providing more opportunities to disseminate information, best practices and share lessons learnt.

We put our efforts to sensitise governments, parliamentarians, senior policy makers, and other influentials to the social and economic impact of issues mentioned under the tab what we do.

The enormity and multitude of community issues cannot be redressed by a single aid organization or a charity. We always welcome local small groups, other NGOs, CSOs, government agencies and international organizations to develop a meaningful partnership in achieving our shared goals.

We have been working with various organizations in past. Some of our contract documents can be viewed here for reference only.

The milestones which we achieved could only be possible by adopting an interactive approach with other organisations.

Capacity building or capacity development, is a conceptual approach to sustainable development. Ever since the inception of Press for Peace, our focus has been on capacity building of local communities, marginalised people & under-privileged groups in our focus areas.

While creating capacity building opportunities, Press for Peace takes advantage of its collaborative approach and a worthwhile community of volunteers and social workers.

We conceptualise, generate, organise and promote activities that fit to our mission statement and correspond with our objectives.

Social mobilization campaigns, information sharing seminars, community training workshops, skills enhancement courses, study tours, development project planning & execution, etc. are related activities.