About Us

Press for Peace

Press for Peace (PFP) is a not-for-profit organisation working to strengthen and promote peace and sustainable development. Although, the founding members of the PFP were journalists and media professionals, over the time the organization has attracted the attention of other working groups, especially youth, women, minorities, activists and professionals in different spheres of human interest.

Our Background

Press for Peace was established in 1999. It initially focused on local and burning issues of that time in Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The priorities were set to focus on sad plight of different segments of society including working journalists, prisoners, minorities, highly vulnerable children and women.


Press for Peace has a deliberate policy of making alliances and partnerships with like minded people and organisation as this has worked successfully in the past. The enormity and multitude of community issues cannot be redressed by a single aid organization or a charity. We always welcome local small groups, other NGOs, CSOs, government agencies and international organizations to develop a meaningful partnership with us in achieving our shared goals.

Our values

  • Humanitarian approach towards the communities where we serve.

  • Accountable and responsible approach to the work.

  • Transparent and efficient project management.

  • Continuous collaboration with all stakeholders, sponsors and donors.

  • Impartiality and equality during resource utilization & skills generation.

Volunteer with us

Press for Peace is a community based organisation that has a strong faith in volunteerism. Volunteers are the back-bone of this organization and they have permanent social, emotional and humane grounds in the communities where they serve. Whether you are a student, lawyer, doctor, journalist, IT specialist, community worker, academician, activist, business person or an artist, you can be a volunteer with Press for Peace.