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A Big Change in a Child's Life

The Peace Model School in Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir was founded in 2005. It came into existence to cater the educational needs of a population that was worst-hit by the devastation. The number of destroyed schools was alarming in the whole region and it was dangerous and in
some instances impossible to resume the
educational activity in damaged school

Apart from damage to schools infrastructure,
another reason for children to stay at home was psychological impact of the earthquake .Those who survived after the emergency were extremely traumatized and were hesitant to go back to their
The Press for Peace (PFP) decided to establish
tent schools on emergency basis.
Its volunteers went door-to-door to encourage
parents and asked them to send
their children to shelter schools. The organization started running classes in
courtyards of ruined buildings.

The Peace Model School in Chanjath village
of District Neelum is one of those
shelter schools which were established
upon the rubble. 

Transition from a rubble school to a shelter was a big change

Currently,the school is being run on non-profit basis and is housed in three class rooms. It has an open area of 6, 000 square feet which can be developed
for school facilities. The school was built upon a patch of land which was donated by a family that
has long association with Press for Peace (PFP).

School Population

Over 120 children were registered in the year 2011-12. However, it is expected that these numbers will significantly increase in next year as this school has gained good reputation in recent years.

Our shelter schools were a ray of hope for many who had lost everything in the earthquake including their school mates, teachers, books and in some instances parents and siblings. 

The first batch of children of Peace Model School has now entered into 7th grade and the organization wants to provide them schooling up to 10th grade.
Local Conditions The school is situated in a remote village and the nearest town is Kundal Shahi, along the Line of Control (LoC). The region has been a worst victim of Indo- Pak military tensions on the LoC . Basic infrastructure, including health and educational institutes was badly damaged by the cross border shelling.

Volunteering has no boundaries:

Volunteers from international organisations working tirelessly to building the first structure

What We Need?

Three classrooms for children of 7 different
grades are not only inadequate to house them
but also a major impediment to impart them a
quality education. As the management and staff
are striving hard to meet the minimum national
educational standards, it becomes very difficult to
meet the requirements. In fair weather, classes
are run in open space around the school building,
but, during bad weather, all 7 classes are housed
in three rooms. Therefore, the school needs at
least three more class rooms.

At present, five teachers work as full time staff
members. There is no other administrative staff.
Most of the administrative work is done by PFP
volunteers. The school furniture was donated 5
years ago which is now 
in broken-down condition. We need new desks, chairs, teaching aids, and recreational equipment. The school needs at least two hygienically fit toilets for teachers and
students. It doesn’t have a separate room for administrative work. The school premises are built on a ridge and there are no outdoor playing facilities for children. However, the surrounding area can be developed into playing grounds. The
premises are also required to be fenced off to
provide the children a safe and healthy environment. The school also needs IT lab in order to impart computer literacy to the learners.

As a small charitable organisation, we are proud of this changemaking process.
Yes, we did it and we have a firm belief that anyone else can do it.
Resources do not matter, resolve matters and our resolve is very high.

Be a change, be with us!

By contributing today you can change a life forever. ... Please help us to let this change happen in a child's life.


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