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Board of Advisors

Khurshid Ahmed
Khurshid Ahmed is an advisor and consultant on environmental issues. He holds M.Phil in Environmental Education. He started his teaching career from University of Peshawar in Pakistan.  He has been holding key positions with prestigious organizations within country and abroad. He has been working with WWF-Pakistan as an environmental specialist and the focal person for ITA (Idara-e-Taleem-o-Agahi).

Ahmed holds a special flair for environmental education. He has been facilitating and coordinating research across the key themes of environmental education; climate change, water preservation, sustainable energy, biodiversity and global warming.

He has strong teaching and research interest in environmental management issues like solid and hazardous waste disposal, air quality deterioration and natural or manmade environmental hazards.

He has been collaborating with a number of  education and research institutes  to initiate and conduct workshops and training sessions for teachers in environmental education. Currently he also holds the position of Secretary Rotary Club Peshawar.

His affiliation with Press for Peace is longstanding. He is among one of the earliest advisors who has backed, patronized and steered our environmental vision. 


Contact Details:

T-6639, Al-Madina Street, Lalazar colony
Peshawar University Campus, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa - Pakistan
Tel# ++92 91 5840557
Cell: ++92 333 9386338



 Kathi Schwerdtfeger

Peace Activist(Germany)

From her earliest childhood she was searching for God.

Several years ago she went through a transformation process where she had to let go everything which gave her a feeling of security...including people she deeply loved. During this process she knew that something deep was going on, a big change. In 2008/2009 she finally had to go through the hardest time of her life. Life had lost its sense and she was ready to die, asking God to take her home. But He did not take her. In those days she was able to release tremendous pain and finally became free...free of sadness, of anger, of feelings like being in need. She learned the „only“ security we have is God. She learned to trust fully in God 's will which includes the most important aspect: she gave up resistance to what is.


While going through this process of deep suffering she finally realized that the essence of all there is, is LOVE...and GOD is LOVE...and if there is only a single being in this world, who suffers this effects whole mankind. Finally she stopped the long way of searching for GOD in the outer world...in churches, in temples and in mosques because she found HIM where HE always resides: inside her heart.


Since then some people call her spiritual teacher some call her soul healer. She really does not know if she is all this, but she knows there is a deep need inside her heart to remind people of who they really are behind all conditioning. There are only two ways in this life: love or fear... she brings back people to their hearts, because our hearts must be a kind of heaven for God resides there.

She encourages people to make peace with everyone who opposes them and with everyone whom people oppose, not only because they cannot insist on their yielding to their perspective but because their opposing perspective is of tremendous benefit to them.


In 2005 when the devastating earthquake happened God created miracles and sent her to Muzaffarabad and she fell in love with the Kashmiri people. To be a part of Press For Peace is a wonderful opportunity for her to help the people of Kashmir to get inner freedom, because from there the outer freedom will follow by itself.

She experienced that there is no difference of religions or race or colour.

There is only one religion, the religion of Love;

There is only one language, the language of the Heart;

There is only one caste, the caste of Humanity;

There is only one God, He is Omnipresent.

And we are all one.


Contact Details:

City Hamburg Germany

Tel: 0091 9626952785(Currently she is in India)

E-Mail: kathi_sch@yahoo.com
Sahibzada Muhammad Aftab Alam
Environmentalist (Azad Kashmir Pakistan)
Aftab  Alam is a fervent environmentalist with extensive experience of inter-disciplinary research especially sustainable development in developing countries like Pakistan.
He has excellent communications ability, both with technical and non-technical audiences. He has outgoing personality, relating well to people in all walks of life both socially and professionally. 

Aftab did his MSc degree in Sustainable Development from University of Surrey Guilford (UK).Hi


s research was on Environmental Education and Awareness: A tool towards sustainability in the State of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan. He has also Graduate Diploma in Energy Planning and Sustainable Development from Norway and MSc (Chemistry) from University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan in his credit. 


He has participated in different trainings, seminars and workshops organised by IUCN Pakistan, AIOU-Islamabad Pakistan, Applied Socio-economic Research Lahore(ASR), National Environment Action Plan Support Program and Ministry of Environment Government of Pakistan(NEAP-SP/UNDP).He also coordinated activities with  Islamic Relief UK in their sustainable Livelihood program in remote areas of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.


He has seven years working experience as  Assistant Director Environment in Environment Protection Agency ,AJK and has gigantic hallucination in Environmental awareness and education. During this task he prepared short and long term environmental awareness and education plans and he lucratively enhanced the role and capacity of  stakeholders to achieve the targets of environmental protection and sustainability. Currently he is working as a Compliance Officer at ERRA Pakistan. He worked as Environmental Coordinator of Press for Peace (PFP) during earthquake rehabilitation activities.Aftab is associated with  PFP as  Director Environment.

Contact Details:
House D-93 Upper Chatter, Muzaffarabad
Azad Jammu & Kashmir Pakistan, 13100
Cell: 092-3459486677         



 Eva Maria Teja Mayer
Writter and Author (Austria)

Eva Maria Teja Mayer is a devoted peace advocate, down-to-earth believer in human values and human rights activist. She was born in 1962 in Vienna, Austria. She is an active member of Press for Peace (PFP) since 2006. She is a prolific writer, researcher and free-lance journalist. She has extensively studied ancient history and antiquity, archaeology, oriental and western cultures and different religions of the world. She has been in constant contact with eastern societies and ever been determined to go through the intricacies of Sufism and spiritualism. She has a lot of literary, social and educational work in her credit. She is qualified in alternative healing techniques, energy work and psychology ( Reiki etc.). Eva has worked on various assignments in Austria and Germany. As a special initiative, she undertook an in-depth study of the Indian culture and society as well as Indian Healing Methods. She has been in Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia and Romania to participate in various activities. She was awarded Mira Lobe Scholarship in 2005 for Children and youth literature. She was also awarded the Activist of the Year Award by Press for Peace (PFP) in 2008. As a social worker and peace activist, she has bestowed her love to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, especially the people of quake-hit areas in Pakistan Administrated Kashmir and demonstrated her unflinching adoration for the noble cause of working for the welfare of ailing humanity.
She visited the quake-hit areas of Kashmir in 2006 to find intimate overview of the situation and upon return wrote a book "A New Morning for Munir: A tale from Kashmir", which is a story about youth responsibility, friendship, brotherhood and faith in Allah.

Contact Details:
Ph. ++43(0)1 33 27 490
Cell: ++43(0)664 523 1171
Web Site and Email:

Research & Policy Wing

Zafar Iqbal

Zafar Iqbal, founder of Press for Peace (PFP), is a peace and human rights activist. He did his MA (Media & Globalization) from Nottingham Trent University, UK. He earned his post Graduation in Mass Communication from the University of Punjab, Pakistan. He started his career as a journalist. He has been a passionate and ardent supporter of change in his social and political milieu. Highlighting the miseries of marginalized and voiceless elements of society, promoting peace and supporting various issues of human concern have been the major areas of Zafar’s contributions while working for a number of national and local dailies and media organisations. As a journalist, he has specifically been interested in peace and security with special perspective on South Asia, press freedom, globalization and environmental issues. He has been in Switzerland, Norway and United Kingdom to disseminate philosophy and approach of his organisation. Zafar has also attended a number of international courses, seminars, workshops and conferences, where presenting himself as an activist and social mobilizer he highlighted violations of human rights and many other issues of human concern. He has been threatened many a times by extremist outfits for ‘collaborating’ international human rights groups and media persons. His role as a social worker after the catastrophic earthquake in 2005 was widely appreciated and acknowledged by different organisations, groups and agencies at local and international level. Since the inception of Press for Peace in 1999, he has devoted himself to the work of his organisation. 

Contact Details:

Jammu and Kashmir
Press for Peace (PFP)
Bank Road, Muzaffarabad
Jammu and Kashmir
Ph: 0092 5822 445457

United Kingdom
Fretwell Street
Cell: 0044 7837931805  

Ejaz Ur-Rehman

Director UK

Ejaz Ur-Rehman is an ardent and enthusiastic conservationist. He is a vivacious member of Press for Peace (PFP) since 2006. He did his MSc in Habitat Creation and Management from Staffordshire University, UK. He has also MSc (Botany) in his credit, which he earned from University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan. He has been affiliated with the United Nations Development Programme in Pakistan. E. Rehman has extensive experience of working in the field of social mobilization and rural development. He has also been associated with the Punjab Rural Support Programme (PRSP) in Pakistan. With PRSP, he successfully completed the task of disseminating philosophy, concept and skills of participatory development approach of his organization at grassroots levels. During his stay with the PRSP, he facilitated the rural communities of remote areas in mobilization of indigenous resources (human, financial, physical and natural) for development interventions.
He has an extensive knowledge of different perspectives of nature conservation and land management. He is particularly well-versed in ecological surveys, identification skills and habitat mapping (GIS and DGPS technologies). He has been involved in a research work carried out at the mountains of Picos De Eurpa in Spain. E. Rehman is also an astute researcher and is ambitious to nature conservation and preservation of biological resources. His articles on ethno-botany, environmental issues, forest habitat situation and impact of armed conflict on environment have been published in different international journals and periodicals. 

Contact Details:
Robert Street
Tunstall Stoke-On-Tren
   0044 7958244717                

T H Shah
Director Research

T.H Shah has post graduated from University of Peshawar in Political Science. He sought his Diploma and Training in International Human Rights Law (IHRL) from University of Nottingham, UK, where Human Rights Field Operations (HRFOs), and Rights of Child (RoC) been major field of his specialization. He has conducted field operations survey on human rights in Bosnia Herzegovina during his academic training of human rights in UK, and gave his presentation on Islam and Human Rights in University of Nottingham. He also participated in a consultation and seminar on protection of cultural and historical heritage during war in Lutherpact Research Centre at the University of Cambridge, UK. 
Professionally, he has rendered his services in various fields which include education, management and human rights. He worked as lecturer political science and English, visiting lecturer on human rights in various seminars and consultations, and been researcher on human rights in Parliamentarians Commission for Human Rights Islamabad Pakistan. He has excellently collaborated with Asia Pacific Forum (APF) on establishment of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in Pakistan, and submitted comprehensive reports to Ministry of Law, Justice and Human Rights, and Committee on Law Justice and Human Rights, National Assembly of Pakistan on the part of Parliamentarians Commission for Human Rights Islamabad. He has the credit to be a part of ILO campaign for Elimination of Child Labour in collaboration with Parliamentarians Commission for Human Rights, Islamabad. In addition, in a wake of historically worst earthquake on 8th October 2005 in Pakistan, he been equal part of relief activities with parliamentarians and facilitated organization of tripartite workshops on psychological rehabilitation of earthquake victims (PROEV) under National Task Force (NTF) established by then Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Shaukat Aziz. Mr. Shah has composed various research papers on diversified human rights issues which include gender based violence (GBV) in Pakistan, child labour, bonded labour, domestic violence against women, (DVAW), criterion for establishment of national human rights institutions (NHRIs), criminal justice system and state response, juvenile justice in Pakistan, police reforms, prison reforms, Hadood Ordinance, and Honour Killings Laws.

Contact Details:
Fretwell Street
Nottingham, UK
Ph: 0044 7846695104 

Luv Puri
Director Jammu and Kashmir

Luv Puri is an award winning South Asian journalist and researcher with a focus on socio-political issues. He has written and researched extensively on security issues, development issues with a special focus on Himalayan tribal communities, Pakistan, conflict in Jammu and Kashmir, natural disasters, displacement and done elaborate investigative work to expose human rights violations.  He has the honor to be the first journalist who has been given permission to physically cross the Line of Control, a boundary that divides the two parts of Jammu and Kashmir. This sojourn enabled him to report from earthquake affected areas of Pakistan and Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

He majored in International Affairs at New York University and has studied Economics from Dehli University. Puri has also completed a Thomson Foundation course for senior journalists in Cardiff, University. In 2006,he won the European Commission Award for Human Rights and Democracy and in 2005, he was commended by International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) for promoting the values of tolerance and religious freedom.He is also the recipient of the prestigious Fulbright Fellowship and also a fellow of International Visitors Program of the US Government.Puri has also been given Appan Menon Award for his work on Himalayan tribes.

He has authored a book-Uncovered Face of militancy in J&K- and contributed several articles for academic publications. His second book -Across the Line of Control- based on his work in Pakistan was published by Penguin recently.





Contact Details:

Jalal ud Din Mughal
Spokesperson PFP

 Jalaluddin Mughal is a Neelum Valley Jammu and Kashmir based journalist and social worker. He holds master degree in Mass Communication achieved from Allama Iqbal Open University and also enrolled in Azad Jammu and Kashmir University for LLB. He is dynamic and effervescent member of Press for Peace (PFP) since 2005 and has been serving as Divisional Coordinator Neelum. He has animatedly involved in PFP’s activities after earthquake 2005. Being a peace activist he has been threatened many times by state and non state organizations and separated from his job. He is a valuable asset in the organization. Currently he has been selected as spokesperson for Press for Peace. Jalaluddin Mughal has an in-depth interest in field of journalism and wrote a number of articles, reports and features in Urdu and English which frequently appear in national and international papers and periodicals. Being a photojournalist, he shattered a number of prestigious news photos.  He has been working for different TV Channels and latter on hosted a serial of radio talk shows on current affairs. Having a special skills and interest in advocacy and rights he was elected as General Secretary for Civil Society Network Neelum and has been awarded for his devotions about social rights. Having highly management and leadership skills, he has been entitled with key responsibilities in governmental and nongovernmental organizations and departments. He has a keen interest in promotion, development and sustainability of tourism in Azad Kashmir and wrote a number of articles about tourism positional and archeological assets of Azad Kashmir. Currently he is working as spokesperson (Public Relation Officer ) for Ministry of Tourism Archeology and Culture Azad Jammuand Kashmir.

Contact Details:

Block 6 New Secretariat Chatter Muzaffarabad

Jammu and Kashmir ,Pakistan.
Cell:  0092 3003727508  ,0092 3123727508         

Katlina Leone
Katelina Leone has Masters Degrees in both Management in Arts and Culture and Media and Globalization. With experience in research, management and marketing, events organization and community work, she has a great passion for human rights, arts and culture in global perspective.
She is an excellent event organizer and has arranged number of successful cultural events for Cultural Centre Trakia (Bulgaria) and other institutes. 

Contact Details:

Dr.Nighat Younas

Miss Nighat Younas is renowned as a zealous, enthusiastic social worker and have been affiliated with the Press For Peace (PFP) as a ardent researcher. Academically, she received her PhD from the University of Karachi, with special emphasis upon the role of depressive people in the development and stability of the political strata of the society, particularly in reference to growing social ailment of drug and HIV aids in Pakistani society. She has displayed passionate interest in drug addiction and its impacts on youth community, and has brilliantly completed her research paper based on drug addiction and its impacts on society as co-author with Dr. Fakhar-ul- Hoda Saddiquie Assistant professor, Department of Social Work, the University of Karachi. 
As regards her services, having completed her Masters in Political Science from Karachi University, she served in AJ&K Education Department even in the remote area of the State, to pursue her insatiable desire and long-delayed unfulfilled dream- to create consciousness among womenfolk of rural and deprived communities about their rights and responsibilities in order to give them an equal and honorable position and a decent living environment for their existence.
Earlier, Ms. Nighat services in IUF International Union of Food , Beverage, and Tobacco deserves utmost praise. She proved herself up to the mark in respect of his qualitative services as well as responsibly maintaining the administrative affairs of the organization as Women Officer. She has diligently dealt with the matters like maintaining IUF Urdu websites, media coverage and news letter. She has been working in the capacity of a Community Mobilizer in psychosocial support program where she provided community based follow up and psychosocial support to traumatized people. 
Her praiseworthy social work and devotion has been widely honored by different social and charitable fora. She has wide experience of training and human resource development in the fields of trauma, community mobilization and crisis and disaster management and has delivered her lectures in various training programs organized by prestigious international and regional organizations such as Turkish Red Crescent Society and others. 
After completion of her PhD, she wishes to continue her work for the well being of drug addicts in her native area and wants to initiate her research project related to gender empowerment.

Contact Details:
Aiwan-E-Liaquat Girls Hostel 
University of Karachi 

Amanda Muller

Amanda Mueller is an independent journalist based out of New Orleans, Louisiana United States. Her reporting on human rights issues has been published in syndication and internationally and she serves as a researcher and the only United States member of Press for Peace, an organization focused on advocacy, research, education and networking in peace, human rights and environment related issues. She is also the winner of the 2009 SIANS Human Rights Award and serves as the United States Development Officer for PNN English. Her website can be found atamandamueller.com.

She writes political commentary and reports on international news and human rights and is a foreign correspondent for various outlets, focusing on issues relating to the Middle East. She has appeared on talk radio and has given public speeches about the Palestinian/Israel conflict as well as promoting non-violence as a method to deal with conflict resolution. As a child and adult she has traveled abroad to many countries, gaining an appreciation for other cultures and meeting many people along the way. She is currently working on a book about the Palestinian non-violence movements and life in Palestinian refugee camps.


Contact Details: 

Website and Email: 




Mazhar Iqbal
Research Co-ordinator


Mazhar Iqbal is associated with Press for Peace as Research Co-ordinator. He has been coordinating the activities of Press for Peace during some of the important assignments. By profession, he is a businessman and a very active volunteer. He always proved himself to be a highly resourceful person. He is particularly interested in peace programme of Press for Peace and has been involved in a number of campaigns in this regard.



Operational Wing

Raja Wasim Khan
Director Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Raja Wasim Khan is a journalist, human rights activist and social worker.He is active member of Press for Peace (PFP) since 1999. He has extensive experience in dealing with human development issues at grass-root level as he has been associated with a number of non-governmental and development organisations. He is particularly interested in post-disaster environment journalism, rural development and women development issues. He has been vigorously involved in PFP’s activities since its inception. He has skilfully completed many significant assignments during his stay in Press for Peace (PFP). He is the most reliable and resourceful activist within the organisation. He is gentle by nature and a shrewd campaigner. He has compiled many insightful reports and publications about women issues and journalistic trends in his home country. He has been associated with a number of newspapers, media organisations and news agencies. He is a valuable asset in the organisation.

Contact Details:
Press For Peace (PFP)
Bank Road, Muzaffarabad, 
Azad Kashmir
Ph: 0092 -5822-445457
Fax: 0092 5822 -45437 
Cell: 0092 3015710575 
Email: rajawasi@gmail.com

Aurangzeb Saifullah Jarral
Deputy Director Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Aurangzeb Saifullah is working as Director Youth and Career Development in PFP. He is a software Engineer graduated from University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. During his educational career he has been very active for students’ rights and well being of youth community under the banner of different youth bodies and organizations.He has a successful event organizer and has supervised numerous campaigns and events during his association with different welfare networks. Currently he is working for a Pakistani news channel -Dunya TV in its regional Bureau in Muzaffrabad. Earlier, he has worked for Pakistani National News Papers- the daily Khabrain and the daily Pakistan. In his journalistic work he has focused news stories and features about Kashmir politics and other social and human rights issues in the region. He also supervises IT section of his current job. Now he is also doing his Master in Mass communication.He was among dedicated and devoted volunteers of the PFP who selflessly served the victims of earthquake of October 8, 2005 in all affected areas in the fields of rescue, relief, education and permanent rehabilitation. He is amongst the highly trusted members of the PFP and has represented his organization in various major national and regional conferences, including a training workshop in Nepal held by Panos, UK. 

Contact Details:
Press For Peace (PFP)
Bank Road, Muzaffarabad,
Azad Kashmir 
Cell: 0092-3015626044/3455903492 
Res: 0092-5881045805 mob: 0312 5284623
Email: jaral82pfp@gmail.com, 

Muhammad Meraj Alam
Director Planning and Development

Meraj  Alam is a graduate

 with excellent teamworking and communication skills .He is a person with goals, aspirations and professionalism. He is  

a fervent sociologist and development activist with extensive experience of inter-disciplinary development skill. He has vast experience of planning & Implementation of the different community development Programs. Meraj has excellent communications ability, both with technical and non-technical audiences. He has outgoing personality, relating well to people in all walks of life both socially and professionally. 

Meraj  participated in different trainings, seminars and workshops organised by HRDN Pakistan, Save the children-UK, UNICEF, ICRC, SUNGI-Pak and SPARC. He worked as Education Coordinator  with Press for Peace (PFP) after earthquake.He also  affiliated  with Johanniter International Assistance(JIA) as a senior social mobilizer and Assistant program officer at  Save the children UK in Kashmir. Now  Meraj  is associated with  PFP as  Director Planning and Development.

Contact Details:

Upper Chatter Housing Scheme

No-D-93 Muzaffarabd AJK

Mob: +92-0300-3765030, 

+92 345-9486677

Res  : + 92-058810-33206                         

E-mail: -  smeraj_alam@hotmail.com,   smmalam7@gmail.com

Amir udin Mughal
Coordinator PFP

He is a assiduous and dynamic photo journalist and has been associated with some prestigious national and international media wires and outlets, including Reuters. During his ten years career in image industry, he has extensively covered human sufferings related issues to Indo-Pak conflict exertion along the Line of Control (LoC). Currently, he is working with a private TV Channel. His work has been highly acknowledged in environs and globally. He has been always ardent to explore new locations and appearances in the fields of tourism, indigenous people and environment. 

Contact Details:
Press for Peace (PFP)
Bank Road, Muzaffarabad, 
Jammu and Kashmir 
Ph: 0092 -5822-445457
Fax: 0092 5822 -45437 
Cell  :  +92-300-9885892 , +92-355-8100688

Yousaf Kashmiri
Program Officer Bagh Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Yousaf Kashmiri belongs to mind-enslaving picturesque valley of Bagh, a District of Kashmir. He was born and bought up in Karachi and sought all his higher education from Karachi University. Spending his prime of life with liberal and progressive political activists of the country and having passed long span of his time in political arena, he returned to his native town with aims to work for the betterment and reformation of his native land in terms of political activism and to work for the social betterment of the bereaved ones on society.Mr. Yousaf Kashmiri is a committed and devoted social and political activist. He has launched numerous historical campaigns and events related to Kashmiri identity and to portray the basic rights of people of the state. He has borne the brunt as a result of his enlightened political approach suffered state brutalities and has been captivated by the state machinery for his long and noble struggle for the rights of marginalized communities. Before joining his current position in the PFP he worked as district coordinator where he proved himself as an exemplary enthusiastic activist not only for his local team, but his efforts and contributions have been highly admired at all levels.

Contact Details:
Bagh, Azad Kashmir
Cell: 0092- 03338300433-03015624100 
Res: 0092- 05872042823.
E mail: 

Muhammad Khalil Tahir
Program Officer Kotli Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Khalil Tahir is a astute  and result-oriented law professional. He has experience in handling legal affairs and litigation matters including drafting petitions, written statements, legal notices, criminal complaints and other ancillary and related works. He got his LLB degree from the University of the Punjab Pakistan. He has exceptional oral, written communication  and strong analytical skills.Ability to simultaneously balance multiple tasks and leadership skills.He has actively participated as a relief volunteer in the earth quake-affected areas in 2005. He is an active member of youth parliament of Pakistan and he is also a member of different human rights organisations .He has attended many courses, seminars and workshops relating to youth development and human right issues. He has also contributed in lawyers’ movement in Pakistan. Currently Khalil is working as a lawyer at Islamabad District Courts Pakistan and program officer Press For Peace Kotli Jammu and Kashmir.

Contact Details:

Islamabad: Block No. 8 Street No. 30 Sector G7 /1 Islamabad

Kotli AJK: Gorsi furniture Centre Kotli azad Kashmir

Cell:     +92-3005360230

Email:  khalil_gorsi@yahoo.com , khalil@pressforpeace.org.uk 

Safeer Raza
Field Officer Muzaffarabd Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Safeer is a steadfast and trustworthy individual.In rapidly changing communication scenario globally it is Safeers s` passion to establish himself as a renowned journalist with a positive frame of mind. He has been affiliated with many Dailies like Mussalman, Mohasib  Muzaffrabad ,Daily Siasat Muzaffarabad ,Daily AZkar Jamu & Kashmir, Musawat RawalpindiRepresentative of Radio FM 105 voice of Kashmir Rawalakot and Representative of Radio Rose FM90 Mirpur AJK.

He also worked as a social worker with the Muslim Hands International Pakistan,(ADN) Al-Mustafa Development Network and Al-Mustafa Welfare Society Muzaffarabad.Now he is working with PFP as a field officer.

Contact Details:

Tariqabad, ward- 8, Bye pass Road, Muzaffarabad, AJK.

Cell: 0092-3014698647, 0092-345.7031351
Email: safeerraza@gmail.com  ,  safeer@pressforpeace.org.uk

Sumera Mehboob Qureshi
Field Officer Muzaffarabd Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Sumera Mehboob Qureshi is working as a Field Officer in PFP. She is a dynamic ,organised and determined field professional. Her passion is to work with the highest possible degree of devotion and dedication for the achievement of personal as well as organizational goals.She has M.A Sociology degree on her credit from University of the Punjab. She has excellent computer skills along with a Diploma in Women Extensions from Extension Services Management Academy. Currently she is doing LLB at Kashmir Law College Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir. As regards her working experience, she worked with International Labor Organization (ILO).In Information Technology Board, Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu & Kashmir she worked as Assistant Manager in Human Resource Management (HRM). Sumera also worked with International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) as a Manager Emergency Operations. She was a master trainer at Mountain Glacier Protection Organization (MGPO).She is a silent volunteer in many fields.Now she is active and reliable member of PFP.

Contact Details:

C/O Fazal Ur-Rehman,Jambo Digital 

Near Qureshi Petrol Pump

Muzaffarabd Jammu and Kahsmir

E-Mail: sumera@pressforpeace.org.uk

Madiha Khursid
Field  Officer , 

District Bagh Jammu & Kashmir

Madiha Khurshid was born and brought up in Bagh district of Azad Kashmir. She has an honour to have a Masters degree in her credit. Since her early age she has been very active in extra curricular activities which resultantly developed her interest in youth and women issues during the course of her university education. Thanks to the extra ordinary role of young generation in social transformation, she was assigned the responsibility of Programme Officer in the PFP which relates her role as team leader in the dissemination of message of peace, tolerance and mutual respect among youth community.Like other workers of PFP, she has not lagged behind in organizing a number of important events and launching campaigns to create awareness among youth and women’s about their rights, thus helping in promoting the noble cause of human rights. She is a well versed and versatile writer and her stories appeared in different local publications. Kashmir dispute, crimes related to women, youth issues, women rights, environment and tourism are some of the prominent areas of her writings. She is an ardent supporter of youth and women’s participation in social and political milieu. Being elected member of Student Council, she has been a frontline advocate of student’s rights as well.

Contact Details:
Near Forest office District Bagh
Azad Kashmir 
Cell: 0092-331-5133899
Email: peace.activist85@gmail.com

Hamid Ali Sofi
Incharge IT  Unit

IT Professional at Al Saleh Enterprises LLC, Oman; Student at Polyglot Institute Oman LLC 
Muscat, Oman

Contact Details: 
Cell : +968 95254886
Muscat, Oman
Email: hamidsofi@gmail.com

Rashid Mughal
PFP Office Bearer
Press For Peace (PFP)
Bank Road, Muzaffarabad, 
Azad Kashmir
Ph: 0092 -5822-445457
Fax: 0092 5822 -45437