• Child Rights Awareness Raising Campaign (2003) District Muzaffarabad-Funded by SPARC-Duration 02 Months
  • Data Collection of AJK prisoners in Indian jails (2003-2004)-Funded by Press for Peace-Duration 06 Months
  • Earthquake Emergency Program (Distribution of emergency aid) (2005-2006)-Sponsors Shirkat Gah, Qatar Charity, Islamic Relief, Caritas, UNICEF, UNDP, WAMY, URI- Duration 06 Months
  • Environmental Awareness Raising Campaign (2007)- Co-sponsors EPA, AJK Government- Duration 06 Months
  • Journalists Training Program (Reporting in Emergencies) (2007)- Co-sponsor Islamic Relief-Duration 03 Months

  • 1st Kashmir Women Conference (2008)-Muzaffarabad, Funded by Press for Peace , Aurat Foundation
  • Peace Program Muzaffarabad (2008)- Funded by ASR Resource Center-Duration 07 Months
  • Advocacy Campaign on Reconstruction Issues (2009)- Co-sponsored by Action Aid-Duration 08 Months
  • Advocacy Campaign on Reconstruction Issues (2010)-Co-sponsored by Action Aid-Duration 09 Months
  • Environmental Rehabilitation Project (2010-2011)-Co-sponsored by EPA, AJK Govt- Duration 12 Months