Livelihood Support To Vulnerable Women

Village Chamm District Hattiana Bala (AJK)


As right based organization Press for Peace remains particularly concerned with women’s rights, their protection and well-being. Women dwelling in remote areas of Pakistan Administered Kashmir have least opportunities which could develop them and empower them. Most vulnerable are those who do not have any source for earning livelihood and have to cater their children by themselves under critical circumstances. Often the dilemma leads to   neglect, abuse and exploitation of not merely the women but also the children under their care.

Keeping in view above prevailing situation PFP requested its generous philanthropists to support such women in remote areas in order to establish their sustainable livelihood resources through a short concept note. The organization  in collaboration of  Anwar Kousar Social Association for Welfare (AKAW) supported a limited number of vulnerable women to address their protection issues. Small scale home based business units were established through livelihood cash grant to such women. The business units include:

1.   Small shops in the premises of their house

2.   Livestock Keeping (Goats, Pullets)

3.   Kitchen Gardening

4.   Provision of  material for sewing and hand embroidery

1.   Assessment:

In this regard a comprehensive assessment was carried out to identify 09 most vulnerable women in the remotes area of district Hattian Bala AJK during August 11 to August 15, 2013. After detailed review and consultations village Chamm was selected for said endeavor.


2.1 Village Profile:

Village Chamm Moohri is situated near Line of Control in the district Hattiana Bala AJK. The village lacks basic infrastructure including paved road, girl’s schools and basic health units. There is no market in village only small shops are available at scattered places. The only market available is located at main village of chamm about 2 kilometers away from target sub village.  

The main sources of livelihoods are:

·        Livestock

·        Daily wage labor

Since the area is mountainous therefore a negligible household is attached to agriculture. Various areas of the village are disconnected due to heavy snowfall during winters. The only hope for medical treatment during winters is the medical facility provided by Army in the area. Serious patients are taken on stretchers to district headquarters hospital Hattian Bala which is approximately 25 kilometer away from village. During monsoon due torrential rainfall again the roads are blocked and the flowing rivulet of Qazi Nag causes huge devastation to land, households and livestock.