The Press for Peace (PFP) has urged India and Pakistan to facilitate the reunion of divided families so that people can fulfill their shattered dreams of visiting birthplaces. In a statement issued here on Tuesday, Press for Peace (PFP) has appreciated divided Kashmiri families for sharing their experiences of partition on social media.
It appreciated Ms. Sharma Poonchi and other activists who highlighted tragic stories of migrated people from different parts of separated State. tefl funding

The PFP said that governments of both parts of Jammu and Kashmir should consider human aspirations of people who migrated from Poonch, Bagh, and Muzaffarabad to Jammu or migrated from Karnah, Uri, and Poonch to various cities in Pakistan administrated Kashmir.
The statement mentioned that Prime Minister Farooq Haider who himself belongs to a migrated family should support migrated people to visit their places of origin in Muzaffarabad (POK). "The partition has been a tragic incident of history, hence, peace-loving people on both side of LOC should work together to heal the wounds of divided people."He asked authorities to facilitated pilgrims to visit the historical and religious place of Sharda in Neelum Valley in Pakistan administrated Kashmir.