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Hundreds staged demo against delay in rehabilitation of quake hit region of Kashmir

posted Jun 25, 2010, 5:25 PM by Ejaz ur-Rehman   [ updated Jun 25, 2010, 5:28 PM by PFP Admin ]

Press Release

Muzaffarabad(PR), Saturday:

On the call of Tareek Tameer-e- Nau (TTN) hundreds of citizens staged a demonstration against the delay of rebuilding process and vowed to carry on efforts till the completion of their demands. The protesters showed their resentment and dismay over the cuts on approved development schemes.

The demo was staged at Bank Squire and participants marched towards the Assembly Secretariat where office bearers of TTN and other political parties addressed the procession.

The protest sit-down was the largest and the most organized forceful public demonstration in local political history. The event was joined by large number of people from different walks of life, including women.

The office bearers and representatives of local political parties also joined the protest and expressed their full support with the people.

Local prominent dignitaries also joined the demonstration and extended their full support with the protesters.

Members of Assembly Latif Akbar, Choudhary Muhammad Rashid, Salim But, and Abdul Majid Khan also addressed the demonstrator.

 Four members of Legislative Assembly from PPP, MQB, and PML announced to raise the demands of the TTN in the parliament. They said the concerned departments should be made accountable for their mistakes and failures in the rebuilding where “they have committed irreparable blunders through none completion and dropping of different significant schemes”.

Various community leaders and women speakers also spoke on the occasion and shared the details of public sufferings due the lack of basic amenities. They criticized the local political parties which ignored the people issues and have started election campaign for political benefits and gains.

The speakers declared that they will not allow the politicians to ignore their legitimate demands.

Convener Zahid Amin Kashif, Shoukat Javed Mir, Shokat Gani Advocate, Khalid Zaidi, Khurshid Abbasi, Shamshad Bukhari, Mussarat Sheikh and other officials of the TTN appreciated the remarkable contribution of people.

Director Press For Peace(PFP) Raja Wasim and Safia Bano, Supports Officer Action Aid assured the people that both organizations will extend their highest support to the victims of the quake till their complete resettlement.

Convener Zahid Amin declared that to start signatory campaign in all affected districts. He said that leadership of all national and regional political parties and donor agencies   would be updated with the concerns of public.

 He urged people to carry on their involvement in the activities of the TTN which is an alliance of local political parties and civil society organizations.

Two renowned humanitarian organizations Action Aid and Press For Peace (PFP) are jointly working on the intuitive in order to mobilize the public for the rights.