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TTN announces Charter of Demands on Reconstruction issues

posted Jun 17, 2010, 5:32 AM by Ejaz ur-Rehman   [ updated Jun 17, 2010, 5:33 AM by PFP Admin ]


Muzaffarabad: June 17:

Reiterating its struggle for the rights of people affected from government failures, Tahreek Tameer-e- Nau (TTN) on Thursday issued charter of demands about the reconstruction of quake affected areas.

The Charter of Demands encompasses public concerns and demands about the delay of rebuilding of schools, religious places, roads and the abandonment of other projects related with sanitation, environment and housing sectors.

The Convener of TTN Zahid Amin Kashif talking to the media issued the charter consisting of over 50 major demands as a part of ‘Campaign on Reconstruction’ which is a joint venture Action Aid and Press for Peace (PFP) which is working for the rights of victims of earthquake.

The charter said that federal and local governments should not abandon the approved development schemes which already have been conceived and planned with the consultation of international donor agencies.

“The government should take urgent measures to overcome the hindrances in the process of rehabilitation because people are living in miserable condition due to lack of proper infrastructure,” it added.

It further demanded that government should not spend funds of city development on the construction of Prime Minister and President Houses because it would be mockery with the public funds.

Criticizing the anti -people policies of monetary institutes, the Kashif said that the banks and other financial bodies must provide soft loans to traders and citizens for small businesses to boost the local economy damaged by the tremor.

He also urged government to take serious action against the officials allegedly involved in the corruption in public funds allocated for rehabilitation.

Condemning the government performance in the provision of basic facilities in the earthquake hit areas; TTN urged government to proriotirze the water, power and health sectors in the planning and implementation.

The charter also includes the demands of rebuilding and conservation of mosques, temples, forts and other historical places.

The TNN is an alliance of civic society organizations and political parties which is running a signatory campaign on reconstruction.