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Taliban’s fanatic acts have no link with Islam - PFP

posted Aug 17, 2009, 9:49 PM by PFP Webmaster   [ updated Aug 17, 2009, 9:50 PM by PFP Admin ]
Islamabad - Tuesday, August 18 2009:

 In a wake of waves of suicidal attacks and bomb blasts and taking their responsibility by obscurantist Taliban in Pakistan brings to fore the actual designs of this fanatic group. In a bomb blast at Shubqadar’s patrol station, a sub-district of Charsada, the death of innocent people including women and children is blot on the name of Taliban as one of their militant commander in Mehmund Agency Qari Muhammad Shakeel has accepted the responsibility and said the current attack is reaction of the revolt against Taliban the people of the Shubqadar has displayed.

These views were expressed in a statement by the Press For Peace (PFP), a non-governmental organisation working for protection and promotion of human rights.

Before this inhumane attack in Shubqadar, Taliban have already taken responsibility of many cannibalistic bomb blasts in the country like one on Pearl Continental Hotel Peshawar.

Expressing deep anguish on recent development in NWFP, Zafar Iqbal, the head of Press For Peace (PFP) said that such acts by Taliban and their open recognition amply indicate their hidden agenda and pursuit of vested interests.

“Islam is religion of peace, security and brotherhood ensuring the protection of the rights of all people irrespective of any discrimination; but at the hands of obscurantist like Taliban and some other hawkish elements who want to keep the status quo intact the name Islam is being vilified and exploited,” he maintained.

The human rights activists of PFP Ejaz-ur-Rehman and T.H Shah denounced the act of Qari Muhammad Shakeel as the word Qari in Islam can be used only by a person having well understanding and awareness with Quranic teachings while the act of Muhammad Shakeel has not even the remotest link with Islam and Quran.

“The aim of these obscurantist groups is nothing than furthering their own nests at the expanse of the lives of innocent people”, they said.  

The PFP bearers appealed to the government of Pakistan to speed up the operation for extirpation of these groups and bring the criminals to the justice.

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