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Raped Woman Dies After Ill-treated Abortion Surgery

posted Feb 9, 2013, 1:13 PM by PFP Admin
Muzaffarabad: (PFP News) A young woman has died during an ill-treated abortion surgery after being raped and tortured in a remote village in Pakistan Administered Kashmir, the local media has reported. Earlier, the alleged rapist, a 51-year-old man, was convicted by a jirga (tribal court) and ordered to pay a fine of 500,000 PKR (about 5,000 USD) to the family of the victim. It is believed that police were aware of the incident but deliberately remained silent and did not interfere into the matter to protect the alleged rapist and those who conducted the jirga.

The victim of this incident could not survive the agony, torture and humiliation of repeated sexual assaults, which she was believed facing since last many months. The pregnant lady died when she was undergoing an ill-planned and mistreated surgery to abort delivery of the illicit child, the sources has claimed. The incident was highlighted only after lady social workers who helped in funeral arrangements of the deceased found scars of brutal behaviour over the body of the victim and a swelling in her belly.

Eye-witnesses have confirmed that soon after the incident of rape a few months ago, a jirga (tribal court) was hurriedly called by elders and influential people from the village as the perpetrator himself was an influential person. The jirga had ordered the alleged rapist to pay a fine of 500,000 PKR (about 5,000 USD) to the family of the victim.

It was also decided during the meeting that the incident of rape would neither be highlighted to media nor reported to police. However, a few young participants of the meeting leaked this information to the local press and human rights groups working in the area seeking their help for the justice. They have protested over the decision of the jigra terming it as ‘against the humanity and the law’. They have also appealed to the government and the judicial authorities to take action against culprits.
\The villagers say the alleged rapist belongs to an influential family who forced the members of the family of raped woman to sign an agreement asking them that they would not report the matter to police.

“The silence of police over the happening suggests that either they were aware of the fact or they do not want to interfere into it”, Yousaf Kashmiri, a human rights activist and official of a human rights organisation Press For Peace said. He said the violence against women has increased during the recent years in Pakistan Administered Kashmir and the government has failed to launch necessary measures to cope this issue.

The US-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) has recently highlighted gross human rights violations in Pakistan. However, most of the cases of human rights violations in Pakistan controlled Kashmir go unreported as international human rights group do not have free access to the region.