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Press For Peace (PFP) lamenting over dilapidated aftermaths of downpour and flood in ramshackle metropolis of Sindh

posted Jul 28, 2009, 3:48 AM by PFP Webmaster   [ updated Jul 28, 2009, 3:49 AM by PFP Admin ]
Karachi (Pakistan) Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Recent Rains in Karachi has wreaked unimaginable miseries to the residents of this metropolis city, said Zafar Iqbal, Executive Director of the Press for Peace (PFP).

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Zafar Iqbal urged federal and provincial governments to take steps on war-footing to save the precious lives of the residents of the city by swiftly removing the garbage and hazardous waste material reported and observed to have been scattered in the vicinity of different workplaces and locality of the metropolis.

Karachi, without any suspect, being hub of financial and commercial activities of Pakistanaccounts for the large chunk in Pakistan’s economy. As per statistical figures, only Karachigenerates a 53.38 percent of total collection taxes, a considerable figure.

He maintained that when taken into account the mega populous nature of the city spreading over terrain of several miles, it is estimated to the bigger than 65 countries of the world, but ironically, the city is devoid of the proper planning and a trustable infrastructure coping to sudden calamities like flood and downpour.

Expressing his concerns and lamenting over the deteriorated situation of the city, Iqbal added that even the citizens of city lack access to the basic necessities like health, water electricity, food, shelter, proper transport and sanitation and it is not only depiction of political insensitivity of the representatives but the debility of governmental institutions as well.

He remarked that this can be substantiated by the scenario the metropolis of the province portrays after heavy raining and floods at the hands of which the already polluted city posing threats to the quality of life for its citizens.