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Press For Peace(PFP) demands human rights education for police

posted Aug 17, 2009, 2:13 AM by PFP Webmaster   [ updated Aug 17, 2009, 2:13 AM by PFP Admin ]
ISLAMABAD (Pakistan), Sunday, 16 August 2009:

Press For Peace (PFP has called upon Government of Pakistan to introduce human rights education for police to mitigate the increasing trend of police torture on innocent citizens and under trial people.

PFP urged police to treat the civil or criminal cases with human rights approach.

“The government should initiate measures to make the police acts harmonious with human rights model and also to sensitise the police personnel at all levels”, said T H Shah PFP Director Research. 

Shah was expressing his comments upon the recent incident of Khairpur in which a young person Noor Muhammad Bardi was put to death at the hands of torture by police.

He said that three days ago same type of event has been reported concerning riots and row in Muchh Jail Quetta. In Quetta an Assistant Jail Superintendent also shot dead by unknown persons.

Shah maintained that killing of jail personnel by unknown person in open market may involve the revenge of the victims or the relatives of the victims.

He appealed the judicial circles to treat the case of Noor Muhammad Bardi with iron hands and displaying no partiality in the case show no mercy to the alleged culprits involved in this cannibalistic act.

“It is heart-rending that such types of crimes are not dealt with iron hands in our society and police, instead of the guarding and protecting  the people, has become a symbol of demon”, he further said.

He added that in Pakistan police stations and jails are not less than torture cell while they should have been managed like other social institution.

He further said that it is common perception among people about police that police personnel commit   physical abuse of  citizens  to compel the alleged person to confession either at the hands of some political pressure or police comes to such measure for grabbing money from the innocent people languishing behind the bar or jails.

He said that such atrocious crimes of police could only be stopped by familiarizing police staff with concepts of human rights and respect human dignity.