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PFP demands action against authorities for their failures

posted May 30, 2010, 3:11 PM by Ejaz ur-Rehman   [ updated May 30, 2010, 3:14 PM by PFP Admin ]

Lahore (PR) May 31, 2010:

Human rights group Press for Peace (PFP) has called upon government of Pakistan to take action against the law enforcing agencies which have failed to protect the citizens from Taliban groups.

 “As the Punjab Group of Taliban has accepted the responsibility of this cannibalistic attack on Ahmediyya, the government should ban Taliban in all country and bring the culprits to the justice.”

Press For Peace (PFP) Director Research T.H. Shah said in a statement issued here on Monday.

 He said that in a time when Pakistan’s reputation carries stigmatised name due to religious extremism, the bomb attack on the Qadyyani mosque in Lahore by Taliban group of Punjab verifies the presence of Islamic militants and extremist elements in the society. Since the indulgence of Pakistan into war against terrorism, the suicidal as well as inter-sectarian bomb blasts have gained gravity and strength.

“The pessimistic side of this tragic scenario is the helplessness of the law-enforcing agencies that have remained failed to control this situation,” he further said.

T.H Shah  maintained  that religion is considered to be one of the factor behind creation of Pakistan, but the bomb blasts on mosques, inter-sectarian killings, attacks on the worship places of the minorities and forced conversions put the question mark on the Islamic character of the state. Religion in Pakistan has become source of vested interest, revenge and killing of minorities groups.

He opined that keeping in view the nature of political circumstances; Pakistan should be declared secular state making religion ones personal matter as same is successfully working in Malaysia, and other quasi-secular Muslim countries in Middle East.