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PFP concerns on arrest of activists and ban on public meetings in Northern Pakistan

posted Jul 16, 2009, 2:57 AM by PFP Webmaster   [ updated Jul 25, 2009, 9:35 PM by PFP Admin ]
Islamabad: (Pakistan) July 16, 2009
Press For Peace (PFP has condemned the arrest of more than 12 political activists and imposing of ban on public precessions and meetings in Skardu,

The PFP demanded that government should ensure civil liberties in its administered Northern Areas and it must release all activists immediately.

Director Research of Press For Peace (PFP) T H Shah who is also an specialist of Human rights issues, has said that government banned all processions and meetings in Skardu after arresting one dozen workers of Gilgit Baltistan United Movement(GBUM) and Baltistan Student Federation(BSF) two days ago.

Shah said that the arrest of political workers under forged cases in Skardu is clearly an assault on civil liberties and basic human rights of citizens.

‘PPP government has claiming to be champion of people’s rights and democracy,however, the arrests of activists and prevention of all political activities in Sakerdu have exposed its claims,’ he further said.

Shah Said that people of Northern Areas have already been deprived from their basic rights by the establishment which turned people’s life miserable.

‘Instead of granting the rights to people, a government is imposing undemocratic methods to suppress political voices in this region which is unacceptable and lamentable”, he maintained.

He urged government of Pakistan to initiate political and administrative reforms to mitigate sufferings of inhabitants of Gilgit and Baltistan in order to speed up the development and the fortification of democracy in the region.

He also demanded that government should lift the ban on upcoming annual convention of BSF which is scheduled to be held on July 18 in Skardu. He also demanded the urgent release of all political workers and removal all bogus cases against leaders of BSF and GBUM.