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Dazzling colors of New Year :

posted Feb 11, 2013, 12:13 AM by PFP Admin   [ updated Feb 11, 2013, 12:16 AM ]
By Farzana Mooon///

  I envision each individual as a balloon, pumped by divine breath of love to live and soar to heights celestial. But instead, it gets swollen with emotions not conducive to love. And when it gets punctured by one needle-prick of divine law, all its air of ego, pride, hatred, arrogance and vengeance is expelled in one blink of an eye as it falls limp, grotesque and wrinkled. If it is filled with abundance of love, such love escapes into the universe, pouring more love into the hearts of mankind. Yet if it nurtures the fire of hatred, something foul and sizzling escapes its hazy essence, singeing and corrupting the universe with the flints of cruelty and violence. This is the sum-total of life ballooned with absurdity and defying the edict of death, knowing only the paucity of love, not the abundance of miracles witnessed by the power of love.

The quest to know the unknowable is like chasing a rainbow, which is beautiful, ethereal, allusive and unapproachable. Yet, there is the mystery of the mysterious which cannot be unveiled by our mortal sight or by imagination, but reflected by the purity of our thoughts and actions, much like the burst of dazzling colors from sunshine reflected through clear crystal. That crystal is in everyone’s heart and if polished by love could open doors to the worlds beyond imagination. Rainbows swirling over dream-gardens, jewel-trees guarding marble palaces, music rippling from lapping waves in mirror lakes and heart knowing the fragrance of love and beloved! This is where God dwells, all beautiful, all loving, all compassionate, a rare glimpse of beauty by rare few who dare search the realms untrodden and paths forbidden. Whoever can muster enough courage to jump into the fire of blinding, dazzling colors and cut through the heart of the rainbows would know that love is God and God is love, evanescent much like a ship leaving the shore amidst cries, there she goes, and at the other end of the shore, here she comes. No mystery, all is here forever, only perception changes. All of us are prisoners of our own perceptions, but few of us have broken the shackles of ignorance.
Mystical Presence

I know you are with me


When the scent of your presence

Overwhelms me

A nameless fragrance

Sweet and intoxicating

Dare I name it

The incense of breath

From the very heart of

Champa, Chambeli


Swooning, I inhale

Thirsting for more

Could death be sweeter

Than this bliss-rapture

Don't leave me