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Clock of Peace

posted Dec 8, 2012, 10:53 AM by PFP Admin   [ updated Dec 8, 2012, 11:01 AM ]
By Farzana Moon 

I cast the garment of love over thee 
from Me 
And this in order that thou mayest be reared Mine Eye 20:39 Quran

Who would dare wind the clock of peace without upsetting the balance of needs and greeds? Where is the music of love and laughter? Why is everyone in such a whirling haste to gain and possess something? Why we have forgotten to live and to forgive? To cherish and to admire? 

How exquisite the colors of art and poetry! How sweet the face of architecture! The lace-like shadows of the past. Warm and ethereal the lips of time! Time, the gold and the essence. If one had the time? Where does it come from? Where does it go? Ether and dreams. Time is beckoning us toward the wisdom of silence. This century would know the worth of contemplation. Journeying back, while gazing ahead into the bright eyes of the future. As far back as to the abode of the dead, holy and forgotten. Listening to the legends on crutches feeble with age and tyranny. The Bassari myth of virgin birth of love and spirituality. Halting at the Nile of wealth and knowledge in Egypt. Communing with the Greeks. Absorbing the hum of age-old songs, while drinking the elixir of death, salvation, resurrection. Visiting the chess gardens of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Baha’i Faith. Bowing low before the lords of Taoism, Confucianism, and Zoroastrianism. Gathering the blooms of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and scattering them over the flowerbeds of all races, creeds and religions.
Cultivation of Unity in multiplicity 
A succession of doors is opening in the psyche of mankind. This century would be the fertile ground, receiving sunshine from all doors, and nurturing Oneness. Learning to conceive the inconceivable of all creation. The one and only link between conscious-self and subconscious is this song of unity. The altar of sanctity in all minds. The shrine of love in each soul and spirit. The godhead, the divinity. The Trinity of I, me and my in one. The sacredness of all in one. The mortal plane of understanding, uniting all beings, all nations, all continents.
The chain of global Unification!

Would it break all barriers? The challenge stands waiting on the steps of our awakening. It can be seen throbbing inside the hearts of us all. The lips of greed are trembling. The cheeks of material gains are blanched. 
The eyes of zeal are smoldering in their own fires of pride and prejudice. The heart of unrest is shuddering. The soul of universe in its entirety is brimming with the flagons of knowledge to enrich the lands and the seas with the waters of understanding. Surely, the great deeds with the artillery of hope are ready to shoot the dragons of unrest and misunderstanding. Ideas are marching in unison to abolish rifts with the swords of spirituality. Over the borders of soul and psyche, many questions would be answered, each soul struggling free of http://, released out of the inertia from www.com, and landing @ the peace-loving shores of this century.
A throne of shimmering lights with varicolored pennants is hoisted up the ladder of our minds and this is the great vision riddled with questions in hope of finding solutions. The most striking vision of them all is the mingling of all cultures despite the bullets of zeal and conflict. The world is shrinking, drawing close, and closer in succession. And yet fundamentalists would always cause rifts, not expecting their great fall and fall they would. And yet again, global unity would sunder and coalesce, only to be bonded again and again into the spool of history, tireless of its antics and repetitions The music of arguments we have heard so often, singing the golden tunes of ages past and unforgotten. The symphony of life throbbing with the rhythm in change and changelessness. 

Swan Song of the Sufis 
In remembrance of You I lost myself 
Into the ocean of eternal sweetness 
Dreaming dreams, subtle and profound 
Perfumed awakening, paradise lost