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Reflections: Peace & Sufism

posted Nov 4, 2012, 3:18 PM by PFP Admin   [ updated Nov 4, 2012, 3:31 PM ]
Farzana Moon writes plays, poems, short stories and Moghul sagas. She has participated in author/panel discussion at Columbia University. Her plays are archived at Ohio State University. Her Published works include The Moghul Exile; Divine Akbar and Holy India; The Moghul Hedonist; Glorious Taj and Beloved Immortal. A skit, The Dancing Shiva, was performed by LCC Productions in New York, Holocaust of the East.

Sufic Peace 

Sufism derives its name from the Greek word Sophia which means wisdom, and from the Arabic word Suf wool, meaning purity. It refers to the pure white woolen garments worn by the Sufis. 

Sufic Thought in Religion: 

What is hateful to you, do not to your fellow man. That is the entire law; all the rest is commentary. Judaism 

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Christianity 

No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself. Islam 

Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful. Buddhism 

Blessed is he who preferreth his brother before himself. Baha’i Faith 

You have made us for Yourself, and our heart is restless until it rests in You, St. Augustine 

Take our salutations, Lord, from any quarter infinite of might and boundless in Your Glory. You are all that is, since everywhere we find You, Bhagavad Gita 

Whosoever killeth a human being, it shall be as if he has killed all mankind, and whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if it has saved the life of mankind. Talmud 

God have no mercy on those who have no Mercy. Prophet Muhammad 

He who wrongs a Jew or a Christian, will have me as his accuser. Prophet Muhammad

Samples of Sufi Poetry:  

Step out of the circle of time

And into the circle of love (Rumi )
I thought of You so often 
That I completely became You 
Little by little you drew near 
And slowly but slowly I passed away
( Javad Nurbakhsh)

The seed of Sufism 
Was sown in the time of Adam 
Germed in the time of Noah 
Budded in the time of Abraham 
Began to develop in the time of Moses 
Reached maturity in the time of Jesus 
Produced pure wine in the time of Muhammad   (Shahabudin suhrawardi) 
Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The similitude of His light is as a lustrous niche, wherein is a lamp. The lamp is in a glass. The glass as if it were a glittering star. It is lit from a blessed tree—an olive—neither of the east nor of the west; whose oil will well-nigh glow forth though fire touched it not. Light upon light! Allah guides to His light whomsoever He wills. And Allah sets forth parables to men, and Allah knows all things full well.— Quran 

If you love God, love God’s creatures first. Prophet Muhammad 

Islam, in my estimation, is the Alphabet of Love with Quran as its dictionary, seeking dialogue or conversation with the People of the Book and with the people of all faiths, who wish to study its message in the light of wisdom and understanding. Its one hundred and fourteen verses{ with the exception of one, Surah 1X Al-Bara} all beginning with: The Most Merciful, The Most Gracious, The Most Compassionate God, testify the universal love for mankind. Though its verses appear harsh at first, poetic when one gets into the rhythm of reading, enveloping and enlightening at the same time, but they are to be understood in context to the times when Arabia was caught in the fever of greed, cruelty, debauchery, drunkenness, not to mention, in violent conflicts with tribes within tribes. Blood feuds were common, slavery was rampant, women were oppressed, infant girls were buried alive, and gods were revered and mocked with the same passion as the passionate needs and greeds of men, striving toward riches and power. 

Now the power of understanding, or the lack of it!

Reading as we read, the Divine Word of God, as we believe the Quran to be, with our limited intelligence, we tend to squeeze out a handful of interpretations, most of which become gilded with distortions, if not becoming the victims of lies, depending upon the intent or the inclination of the author or a scholar. If moved by zeal, such persons mold each interpretation into fire-brands, and if others who are guided by the purity of their own minds and hearts, the same verses lend the glow of well- preserved pearls. And yet, they melt against the fire-brands of lies and distortions. If one were to riffle through the pages of history, one would not fail to discover that many truths lie buried under the mounds of lies, and that lies have been repeated so often, by so many, and with such pious persistence that if someone, even in this age and time dared speak truth, it would sound like a lie. Though, history has remained true to one fact that Prophet Muhammad by the example of his own life cultivated the kernels of love, peace, harmony and forgiveness. 
Like the flicker of a candle 
We are consumed 
In our own flame 
Of existence 
Till the wax of life 
Shrinks to one solid lump 
Of nothingness! 
Wishing peace, 
dreaming peace, 
cultivating peace 

Points to Ponder: 
In these times of wars both ethnic and egocentric, and fanaticism sweeping over the nations like hurricanes wild and uncontrollable, can intellect explore the journey toward unity? A dilemma worth exploring on the web of cyberspace! Yes or No, virtual intelligence may know the answer? Has God sent us on a journey to this world with a return ticket to discover for ourselves where the richness in compassion lives, or where the poverty in tolerance dwells? Are we born sinful to barter our own sins for the pearls of goodness, or purchase some more as souvenirs to take back with us? Are we moved by the virtues of the others, or the seeds of virtue inside us are famished for sustenance? Do we admire the existence of beauty in kindness, or does the ugliness of vengeance corrupt our senses? Are we sightless to the purity in living where love and innocence weave a chord of wisdom and understanding? Do we wander on the face of this earth like lost sheep, or settle down in a civilized manner to share the light of creativity with the Creator? Do we see Creation apart from the Creator as one great divide? All forces within and without in this cauldron of earth whirling and sundering apart evil and good! Or, do we believe in Unity as some mystical dance on the strings of cosmic consciousness? Do we deem ourselves as some entity, unique and different, and separated from the Whole? Alienated from God and Nature? Sundered apart forever from each and every fabric of unity in multiplicity? In this galaxy of all things created by the Creator, do we feel threatened by the color of race, creed and religion? Are we searching a link to one primal connection of cosmic significance? And if we find it, could that be the surcease of misery and the rise of hope? Creator would be no more, is that it? Creation would be dissolved into oblivion, could that be true? What would we discover? Illusion is wedded to ignorance? Truth has seduced the heart of reality? No one has the power to breed the children of lies? Death has taken life to spouse. Only the pulse of love throbs? We need journey no more to lands alien, or to banish others from homelands dear? For, the Creator is venerated by all pilgrims on this journey homeward under the shadow of unity?  Creator and Creation is one? 
Can little worms winged with the knowledge of God's will, ever approach the ocean of Truth? 
One White maggot asked the Yellow one.

They would surely drown! 
This sing-song response was tangled inside some glittering web of time.
What do you think? 
The Red maggot asked the Black one.
Truth is that these little worms love fighting, and hate the face of truth painted colorless. One moth caught this response and sang deliriously. 
Like the flicker of a candle 
We are consumed 
In our own flame 
Of existence 
Till the wax of life 
Shrinks to one solid lump 
Of nothingness! 
Wishing peace, dreaming peace, cultivating peace